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Some service-learning experiences in times of epidemics


From CLAYSS we are compiling service-learning experiences from educational institutions in different countries that are developing projects related to the coronavirus pandemic. We invite educators to add their own in order to learn from each other.


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Here we share some experiences that have been carried out in Argentina and Uruguay (in spanish)


UNLP (La Plata National University), Argentina
The extension project "Magistrales, Laboratorio Social (Masters, Social Laboratory)" of the Faculty of Exact Sciences of UNLP addresses the development of different pharmaceutical products for people who lack economic resources, including the production and distribution of repellents to spraying mosquitoes and fogging their habitats throughout the locality.  

Kindergarten No. 138
Experience: Promotion of habits that eradicate breeding hotspots of the Aedes egypti mosquito Learnings: Biology, Maths, Language. Basic care habits, collaborative and community work, development of problem-solving capacity, know-how.

High School No. 75 " Centro Polivalente de Arte Pomán ", Catamarca (Argentina)
Experience: "Protégeme (protect me)". Strategies for the completion of the annual vaccination schedule for high-school students in the shantytown of Pomán. Within the framework of a Biology class, a related investigation revealed poor compliance with the vaccination schedule and parents’ and school staff’s lack of knowledge on this topic. From this diagnosis, fifth- and sixth-year students started a promotion and awareness campaign, in principle, focused on the parents and students from this institution and the neighbouring ones.

Middle School No. 27 "Heroes of Falklands" Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Experience: Design and delivery of sings for the streets signposting in Lomas de Zamora neighbourhood. Neighbourhood campaigns for dengue and HIV (AIDS) prevention