Stephen Chan



Dr. Stephen Chan received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from The University of Rochester in the USA. He then worked for Neo-Visuals in Toronto, and the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa. He joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1993. His current research interests are data and text mining, human-computer interaction and service-learning.

Dr. Chan is the founding and current Head of the Office of Service-Learning at he Hong Kong Polytechnic University. OSL coordinates the development and offering of 50+ service-learning subjects and numerous projects across the university for 4,000+ students each year. He has set up and led many projects in Hong Kong, as well as 20+ projects in mainland China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Rwanda and Kyrgyzstan since 2006. He was given the Faculty of Engineering Award (Team) in Teaching in 2007, President’s Award (Team) in Services in 2008, and Faculty of Engineering Award (Team) in Services in 2016.